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Quote of the day, “ALLAH Se Shikayat“. Someone asked Sufi Bazurg to give him some advice. He, the Sufi Bazurg said, always be careful that anybody doesn’t make a complaint in front of ALLAH (GOD) against you. Stay connected with Urdu World Pk for more relevant content. Click on the image of Quotes to watch the video on the YouTube channel STORYZONE512.

ALLAH Se Shikayat

ALLAH Se Shikayat

Quote in Urdu

کسی بزرگ سے کہا گیا

کچھ نصیحت کر دیں


بس دھیان رکھنا کوئی اللہ سے تمہاری شکایت نہ کر دے۔

Quote In SMS

Kisi Bazurg Se Kaha Gya

Kuch Nasihat Kar Den


Bas Dhyan Rakhna Koi

ALLAH Se Tumhari Shikayat Na Kar De.

Quote In English

Somebody asked a Sufi Bazurg

Give some advice

He said:

Just be careful that no one complains about you to Allah.

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