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Quote of the day, “Kamyabi Ki Pehli Seerhi“. A famous Quote is that the first step to success is trying. Stay connected with us on Urdu World Pk for more relevant content. Click on the image of the Quote to watch the video on the YouTube channel STORYZONE512.

Kamyabi Ki Pehli Seerhi

Kamyabi Ki Pehli Seerhi

Quote in Urdu

کامیابی کی پہلی سیڑھی کوشش ہے
کوشش سے غلطی
غلطی سے سبق
سبق سے تجربہ
اور تجربے سے کامیابی۔

Quote In SMS

Kamyabi Ki Pehli Seerhi Koshish Hai.

Koshish Se Ghalti

Ghalti Se Sabaq

Sabaq Se Tajurba

Aur Tajurbe Se Kamyabi.

Quote In English

The first step to success is an effort

Attempted error

Lessons from mistakes

Lessons learned

And success from experience.

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