Super Hero of Everyone

Quote of the Day | Super Hero of Everyone

Quote of the day, “Super Hero of Everyone“. A famous Quote is that a person who care like God, is always a father. Stay connected with us on Urdu World Pk for more relevant content. Click on the image of the Quote to watch the video on the YouTube channel STORYZONE512.

Super Hero of Everyone

Super Hero of Everyone

Quote in Urdu

خدا کے بعد یہ سہولت صرف باپ دیتا ہے کہ
خطائیں دیکھ کر بھی نہ رزق روکتا ہے نہ محبت چھوڑتا ہے۔ 

Quote In SMS

Khuda Ke Baad Ye Sahulat Sirf Baap Deta Hai Ke

Khatayen Dekh Kar Bhi Na Rizq Rokta Hai Na Mohabat Chorta Hai. 

Quote In English

After God, only the Father gives this facility, even after seeing the mistakes, he does not stop the sustenance or leave the love.

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