Urdu Quotes # 1

Urdu Quotes-1

Urdu Quotes-1 is a Sufi Quote in which a lesson is delivered to everyone to keep their anger under control. Let these words of wisdom transform your life today! Stay connected with Urdu World Pk for more relevant content.

Urdu Quotes # 1

Urdu Quotes-1

Quote in Urdu

اپنے آپ کو اُس وقت تک انسان نہ سمجھو
جب تک تمہاری رائے غصے کے زیرِ اثر ہو۔

Quote in SMS

Apne Ap Ko Us Waqt Tak  Insan Na Samjo

Jab Tak Tumhari Raye Guse Ke Zair-e-Asar Ho.

Quote in English

Don’t think of yourself as human until then
As long as your opinion is influenced by anger.

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